Monday, April 4, 2011

A Half Truth

The air is relentless in its moving
In it’s rushing by
Can you see why we’re cold?
Because we never stop
When you run out of breath
When you are forced to stop.
When I hurt too much to run
That is when we’re warm.
The air stops swirling around
And for a moment
All is calm
There is no fear
Only warmth.
Then the wind remembers
The breeze continues on its pilgrimage to find what can’t be found by going
And you move
And I move
We are gone
Swallowed perpetually by the cold
Two “I”s
Separated by this blizzard without snow
But no one would ever know
No one would ever know.

     I wrote this back in February, found it today, and thought it was worth a post, especially as I am so unfaithful to you all.