Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tagged by Jillian

Well, as I have no other pressing blog ideas, and being tagged makes me feel special! Thanks Jillian!

TV/ movie characters I relate to :

Hmmm, ok I’ve got some:

~Lina Mayfleet from The City of Ember
   Because she is part of the solution, and she can see that there is a problem. I'd like to be part of the solution, and sometimes I feel like I’m the only one who can see what is going on. But I can also be very oblivious, and am usually a bit too shy for adventures.
~Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice
   Because I love wit, and would like to believe I can be as clever as an amazing Jane Austen character sometimes.
~Leslie Burke from Bridge to Teribithia
   Because I can be pretty creative (at least I like to think so) and although my worlds usually stay in my head, and were more abundant when I was younger, I try to let them thrive.

Three Places (or Countries) I'd like to Travel to:

This one is easy:

  I'm not sure exactly why but I really want to go there, I just feel drawn. Although I don't really know anything about Australia.
   I technically went there when I was 3 or 4, and I have a couple picture memories, but that doesn't count. I want to go to Canada because I love the idea of Canada, and Canadians, and I want to be able to actually love the place and people in a more real way.
  I love British accents and movies, and it is supposed to be beautiful there. Wouldn't it just be awesome to be in a place with so much history? I realize a lot of my reasoning is superficial, but there really is a deeper curiosity, and a broadening of perspective to see first hand what life is like in other countries.

Hit Shuffle on your ipod and list 3 songs:

 I was a bit picky, but not too much.

~Can't Stop, Jonathan Stiengard
~Home Tonight, Chris Rice (my ipod calls it Burn your Fire, since that is what my friend put in, haha)
~The World's Largest Song, Rhett and Link

Daily Must Haves:

~Human Companionship, I get moody when left alone too long.

Things I'm confused about:

~What to study in school
~How to glorify God and live my life for him in everyday normalcy
~And I'm blanking out for a third...

Browse your DVD shelf and Randomly pick out 3 movies:
My collection is VERY small.... (Also mentally picking)

~Star Wars V
~Galaxy Quest (it's a hilarious star trek spoof)
~Sense and Sensibility

3 Things you wish you'd known earlier:

~God's Love
~That I'm not the most important person in the world
~Ignoring things doesn't solve anything

If you HAD to date a celebrity who would it be?

Well, muhahaha. I do not follow celebrities; I cannot seem to keep their names in my head. They are just people like everyone else. I don't date people I don't know, or have no desire to marry. So as I don't personally know any celebrities I can't pick.

If you were a celebrity what would it be for?

I'm just going to be completely fanciful here. Some amazing piece of art, or writing something influential that resonated in people, Singing in a Christian band, or my blog (hahahaha).

If you could give your blog a face-lift what would you tweak?

Well, I have changed the look several times recently, but if I could change anything, I would make my own layout to better use the space, and create my own background. In general I would want it to look more unique and polished.


For Tagging, I'm not going to suggest anyone because people that I am aware of who read this either don't get on a lot, have already been suggested by someone else, or I don't think would do it. So if you read this and want to do it, I TAG YOU! :)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Caws from the Crow

Well, today for your blog reading delight (assuming someone reads this, and it is not obscured by gnomes) I have a question for you. Who do you think lives in this little house? Or runs it as it is an inn. Who stays there on an almost permanent basis? Who visits weekly? The odd year? Who slips in once and never returns? I hope you are up to commenting in a creative fashion. :)
As you might have noticed I've been keeping my blogs short and including pictures. I hope this ups the interesting factor, I'll try to keep my thoughts ordered.
    On another note Hawk Nelson released their newest CD this week, and it is very good. I am greatly enjoying listening to it. It is rather weird watching text flow to the right instead of the left. However I like differences.
Random thought, if I were a mythical creature today I would be a white raven. Which does actually exist so maybe that is if I were an animal today.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Go and Pray

I don't know if any of you have heard of this, but I wanted to make sure you did. See you at the pole is an annual prayer gathering at school flag poles. It is student led, and is held before school starts. Christian students come together and pray for their schools, classmates, for their country etc. It is an awesome event and it is amazing to think how many students are united in prayer that morning. This year's See you at the pole is this Wednesday, September 23 and the theme is Engage, go and pray. If you want to learn more visit the website :  It is an awesome event and I hope all of you who are able participate.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Then gather regert for the things that I can't change now.

    The title is a line from the title track of Relient K's upcoming CD, forget and not slow down. However the point behind it that i mean to address is that we can't hound ourselves about things we cannot change, but neither should we hold back in such a way as to create regrets. I must admit these thoughts come from watching a movie where the man character holds back so much he never expresses his true feelings. He ruins his own happiness and that of one of his friends. It makes me rather frustrated, so that is what i share with you. Not my frustration, but the reminder that we should not hold back everything. There are times to hold back, and for very good reason. But there are also times when holding back is simply an awful thing to do.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Perpetual Summer

The gift of time is a gift I continually waste. It seems whatever season of life we're in, humans are apt only to be wanting after another season. So I'm trying to use the time I've been given now and do things that are positive and help me grow with God. It's rather a challenge. But isn't it always?