Thursday, December 13, 2012

Time is here and there...

I'm out of school for a month.
Last official long break.

Spent the day reading The Hobbit [I'm running out of time I know, but I don't have to finish it all, since it will be 3 part movie.... :(p ]

and working on christmas presents.
It was nice.

Trying not to think about how soon break will be over and then all that comes after.
Not thinking about it.

I'm babysitting a fish for a friend over break, it's nice to watch it swim.

Simple things that are ooo soo enjoyable.

The sun fades quickly in the winter, days are fleeting.
But spring will slip past almost unnoticed if I don't remember to look.

Tulips that bloomed last February are starting to poke up shoots.
I hope they bloom.

Having the new title makes me feel I have the freedom to write in my most loved way:

But I'll try not to All the time.

Have a lovely day.

Saturday, December 8, 2012


Trains represent adventure. 
Mysterious unknown adventure. 
In Mexico and South America travelers ride on top of trains, dangerously seeking a better life in the north. 
In our country too, people sneak onto trains and ride away from discarded lives. 

They bring fear and warmth to my heart. 
They have the power to kill, and to bring good. 
Every time I see a train it awakens some secret nostalgic longing in me, even though I have never been on one.

They are a special type of magic.