Who Writes This Thing?

Well I do of course! 
Oh right. I'm Sara. Without-an-H. 
Taking Pictures is Joy. Writing is life.
I like coffee flavored sugar. Hazelnut is the best. 
I love plants, they bring life to a room. 
I can't wait to have a yard.
I love animals.
I'm going to have a pet snake, but I want a kitten. A bunny would also do.
Youtube Nerd. Nerdfighter. Internet dweller who loves being offline.

Going outside makes me happy. 
I hate going to bed, and I never wake up awake, but I love early mornings.
8am is early.
Quiet calm cool air tastes like peace.

I am glad you are here, sit down and stay awhile. 
I would love to get to know you.

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