Wednesday, October 21, 2009


    I have finally come to realize the meaning of my quite solitary fall. If you remember this summer I complained in several blogs about how I was not doing anything. And how I needed to be doing something. I was so used to being up and out and with people, that I could not stand anytime going, as I thought, un-used.

    However today I had some "cave-time" as I have deemed time at home, alone with myself. And then later my godmother and I went to walmart. And I had an exceptionaly good time, I listened to the walmart song, found everything exciting, and had a unusually great experience. I decided this was due to the fact I had been online most of the day and had excess energy. And then my thoughts returned to the lines I'd created in my head earlier, what was my cave-time forming me into? Because my cave time is definately shaping me, and I have spent much of it on the internet. I do not want to be shaped by the sites I visit, not that they are bad sites. Just that I would rather be shaped by God. Thusly I need to spend cave-time with God.
    In writing this, I have gotten away from what I started out to write, and come a conclusion I already knew along a different path than last time. So I suppose I should take it in this time.
    Going back to what I intended to write, I have finally learned the importance of time spent alone. Doing activities alone, and spending time alone with my thoughts. And just general quite time spent listening to the world around me, and of course to God. If I want to enjoy boundless time with friends, I need to enjoy cave-time as well. Even better, cave-time enhances my other-time actvities, because it sharpens my me-ness (er- personality) into a chrisper less others-based substance.  Ah the realizations that come after 3 months of rather forced cave-time. I'm glad it has been worth it.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thoughts Escape as Typists

I have lost the battle to keep my thoughts imprisioned. They have fought victoriously and won my fingers.
Now the battle amoung thoughts ensues, which amoung them will manage to share themselves?
Thoughts are what separate humans from animals. We can contempalte and question. It is a beautiful gift.
And we share these gifts with each other,
resulting in the sharing of ourselves.
As necesairy as food and water.
So we need to watch what we let live in our heads, because thoughts travel.
And they make up our world.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today I write in my web-log things to share with anyone reading.
I have recently discovered two really awesome guys who make comedic web videos, and music. Their names are Rhett and Link, and here are two of my favorite videos, one of them is from jelly telly, which is a kid's thing from the veggie tales people.

It was really hard to pick that second video, they have a grand selection of good videos, Check them out on youtube, or they have most all their videos on their site, which you'll notice I have to in my sidebar for your convenience :)

My second recomendation for you is Relient K's new CD, Forget and Not Slow Down. It is a very good album. It is cohesive and pure ear delight. There is an album review HERE and you can find at least some of the songs on youtube if you want to listen.

Well now that I have bombarded you with my preferences, feel free to suggest back, or let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy!