Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I know it's been Forever...

Well I've had a busy summer, but now I'm settled in my new home and Life is SLOWLY getting normal, or I'm slowly adjusting to what the thing like normal is now. I had back surgery, so i am recovering from that. And I'm not in school this semester, unless i do some online classes, but i still have to check in to that. So that is weird. and as usual God is teaching me a million things at once, well actually it's less than usual because I'm learning more through my life than usual. ha ha. I'm sorry that i may never catch up on all your posts (especially you tuna, or maybe Crickl too) but anyways, i am back (haha i have to laugh because that is almost a pun) so hopefully I'll have more frequent postings. or more frequent subject matter i should say.
It's also been a long time on the poll, but please vote!