Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Christmas Present for YOU :)

AKA: Free Music Alert
EDIT: This is all legal of course, forgot to mention that!
Ok, I decided to do a blog telling all of you the various places I have found free music lately. I checked them all so at the time of this post they are available! The links aren't always organized the same, let me know if their are problems! And merry christmas to you all! Thanks for reading!

Get Your Back Off the Wall (3oh!3 remix)
By: Family Force 5
From: Dance or Die With A Vengence

In case you are not aware Jesus Freak Hideout is an awesome christian music site, and it does have a couple new downloads every now and then.

If you sign up at gotee.com you have access to a bunch of cool downloads, in return for their spamming you, so if you can find a way to deal with the spam go for it. After you sign in, click under artists, all current artists have at least one download, and a couple former artists have some too.

There are a ton of free downloads on amazon if you are or happen to know a member whose login info you can borrow, not always the best of stuff, but there are some cool albums representing music from other countries. And right now they have a 25 days of free christmas music going on. That is like a free christmas CD, thanks amazon! {note about the link, it might only work for the day, so if it's not working go to amazon click on music and scroll down until you see a little square that says 25 days of free and click on it, it's under the heading "Featured in the Music Store"}
Here is a link to the free songs page.
This a link to a free House of Heroes Ep, and if you look under "customers who bought this also bought" you should see other free albums. Just keep scrolling and clicking and hopefully you'll find something you like.

DFTBA Records
Mostly some Tom Milsom (he's from youtube, DFTBA is a record label for talent off youtube) stuff including his "trock" EP which is music based on the world of Dr. Who

Masters of Song Fu
This is a music writing challenge thing, no major artistis but you might be able to find some cool stuff. There is a 1 song per artist for each challenge, and then the final songs done by a "master"and a "challenger".
This is one song I liked. I know, by Hank Green

A Paper Towns song, (for you Jillian)
If you want to hear the song first here is the you tube vid.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Dusting of "News"

Sorry the pic is kinda pixilated, I sent it from my phone {:) exciting!}.
Anywho, I set up a blog email today, so if anything bloggy requires email, I am set. pennedinorange@gmail.com
On other fronts I recently read An Abundance of Katherines and Paper Towns both by John Green. I enjoyed each immensely, although I think Paper Towns is the favorite, Katherines was very good as well.
I wanted to blog since I set up the email, however nothing is presenting itself. Perhaps a poem...

enemies at heart
change is needed
yet detested
How unfair
It can bring color
sometimes strife
Yet always always
good or bad
is greeted with gripe

Remember fair change
when next you feel upset
For good things will come from all
Especially without gripe

Not a great poem, but it shall stand... It goes with the pic.