Monday, October 17, 2011


I love crisp air. Cold and crisp. Not wet, not humid, but like invisible ice. 
It wakes up the brain.
I love sunlight on leaves. Through leaves, highlighting leaves,doesn't matter just sunlight and leaves. Together. 

I love gray. I bought a new jacket this weekend. It is gray. It was blissfully cold enough to wear it today. 
It is basically made of felt, it has buttons, a hood, and a collar. I love it. It looks nice, but medium nice. Not formal, but pretty.
The next thing on my list of material items to obtain is a nice pair of boots. Leathery, black mid-calf, flat or low stable heel. Pretty, but practical. Rain proof, and walkable, but attractive. 

I love walking in neighborhoods. 
My boyfriend and I have gone on two walks in our neighborhood. Commenting on houses, holding hands, and being outside in the fading evening light. Not dusk, but not direct sunlight either. Yesterday he found a pile of free things, and I got a beautiful orange crate out of the deal. 

I also love decorating our house [my roommates and my's house. I live with three other girls, just to clarify ;) ]. This weekend i had some time so I put up another string of pictures and popped some keys in a picture frame and hid it on one of the basement study/craft room's windowsills. I love creative time. Making dekorations time. Art time. 
Perhaps that is why i am perpetually altering my wardrobe. Getting dressed is kind of like art. putting the patterns and colors together. Deciding on my style for the day. Trying to find satisfaction in how it looks, and all the practical variables of comfort. 
A principle of mine is that a true artist can make art out of anything. Don't have canvas? Substitute cardboard. Things like that. A true artist can take whatever materials that are at hand and create with them. That is what i try to do. Found object art, at least in piece. And it is some of the most satisfying. 
However, it does not always look "professional". And some how looking professional has come to matter to me as well. It is to be handmade, but not look homemade. The difference is vital.
Handmade is craftsman ship and skill, homemade is makeshift and lesser quality (we are not talking about baked goods here).

A while ago I assigned myself an hour of writing time every week. This is the first week I've taken it. I am glad that i did. It was not very beautiful, but I decided to share it with you anyways. Because blgs have been requested, and perhaps the pictures will redeem the words.