Monday, March 16, 2009

Vectors on sleep, and intoxicating flowers

The title is just a jumble of my day so far. I really should not be typing this, i should be working on my essay, but i haven't posted in a while so i decided i should. i'm not quite sure what to type so i'll just do a thought poem i think :)
weights pull me down
heavier heavier
the things of this realm
the musts
and have to's
somewhere in the swirl i
find time to be with you
i don't ever want to be alone
so it's good that i'm not
help me to remember that you are always near
keep me in gear
as i pedal
and you steer.

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  1. a quiz meet is kind of hard to explain, but i am in Bible basically we learn large parts of a new testament book [this year we are learning Luke] and then every two months we have a big meet where we compete against other teams from across the province. (:


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