Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I know it's been Forever...

Well I've had a busy summer, but now I'm settled in my new home and Life is SLOWLY getting normal, or I'm slowly adjusting to what the thing like normal is now. I had back surgery, so i am recovering from that. And I'm not in school this semester, unless i do some online classes, but i still have to check in to that. So that is weird. and as usual God is teaching me a million things at once, well actually it's less than usual because I'm learning more through my life than usual. ha ha. I'm sorry that i may never catch up on all your posts (especially you tuna, or maybe Crickl too) but anyways, i am back (haha i have to laugh because that is almost a pun) so hopefully I'll have more frequent postings. or more frequent subject matter i should say.
It's also been a long time on the poll, but please vote!


  1. That's fine, I don't expect many people to and it'll take a while to catch up with everyone else's, if I get around to it. Praying for you! My aunt just had back surgery too. She had to get it sooner than expected. I'm not sure if she finished her job before she had to quit for not. I'm kinda worried because my cousins aren't the most obedient or respectful. I really hope you can school again soon. I just got Leeland's new CD 'Love is on the Move'. I'm just loving it and playing it over and over again :) Jesus loves you!

  2. Oh I really like Leeland too, don't have the new one though.

    I am really enjoying reading your thoughts Sara! You could do reviews of the books you read on here too.

    I love Mango. I'm going to see about getting a pet too. <3

  3. Well Skillet just came out with Awake. Aaron Shust came out with his third album. There's Britt Nicole's new The Lost Get Found. And probably some other good ones coming out soon but I'm glad I bought Love is one the move. As always they have great lyrics. Before I had listened to it I wasn't expecting too great of music but they surprised me. It's now my favorite album and all the songs are my favorites! But before I didn't really have any favorites, I just listened to whatever I felt like listening to :P You can listen to the demos on Amazon and they have the full version of the song Love is on the move on their myspace. There's allot of pre-release videos that you could probably look up too. A couple of songs are softer but are just as good. This album doesn't rock as much as Relient K or Hawk Nelson but it's still got great music. I'd listen to as much of what you're thinking about buying before making a decision though. On my profile there's a link to their old blogger account that has a link on it to their new blog site where you can read what they've been up to recently. Just to through that out there :) Sorry this is becoming quite a long comment. Hope you don't mind. Jesus loves you! :)


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