Friday, January 1, 2010


Happy new year reader friends. It hasn't fully occurred to me yet that it is Twenty-Ten. My life is filling it self with footbag, chess and friends. Not much else to say. Last night I went to a new year church service, we worshiped into 2010, to start it off right and give God first fruits. It  hjg/gy6gngfvr6ddu6tyvf7t6rftygb u {the nonsense is courtesy of my friend Emma} was cool, i better get off, blog in danger! I'm being attacked!


  1. That's really cool =) about the service thing I mean =P I was writing the date the other day... I guess yesterday =P and I had to redo it. I just wrote 1/1/09 and... so yeah. Time is moving on =) Jesus loves you!

  2. There is something about 2010 that sounds wrong. Like, how we've always said oh-2, oh-4, etc. Now it's just 10.

    I'm not sure, I read it in a book, and it said where it was from but I unfortunately forgot. I like it though.

  3. You get me. :)
    Great book, wasn't it?
    One of my fav quotes right now.
    So so so true.


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