Sunday, February 28, 2010


Oh internet.
You are hollow,
And I desire something real.
Something physical, and


    Her name was Portland. And I didn't get the picture. She was a facet of a place, forever captured in my mind, but hardly able to be shared with others. In that moment that I saw her, with her striped fleece beanie, puffy vest, long sleeved tee shirt, non jean pants, relaxed on her bike looking off at the river, she was Portland. Not merely a person belonging to the place called Portland, but Portland herself was biking past me. And I didn't get the picture.


  1. Is this a book, or did you write it? Because it is really good.
    It's strange to think that a person can be the embodiment of place, but at the same time, entirely plausible.

    I agree, the internet is incredibly hollow.

  2. How truly interesting, it is an interesting thought because I guess I can actually imagine her in my mind, the only thing is I keep wondering if that beanie is really a beanie or not, grin. But very nice indeed.

    Oh and I totally agree with both of you, the internet is hollow. I have times I check email and FB and then sit there for a few seconds wondering why I even have the internet open, sad times, grin.

    -Ben of Course

  3. The internet is pretty hollow and full of nothing... but there are some things that can actually change and improve lives. But overall, it is a big waste of time. That's pretty good =) and slightly confusing... which is good =) well, more like cryptic =P Jesus loves you! =)

  4. Wonder if you will post the rest of this that you said you were going to expand on it for a class? I would like to either read it on here or get it from you to read.

  5. What a cool thing to see. You could take it farther though, like a metaphor.



And out of the void a voice came.