Monday, September 27, 2010

Today I feel...

Life is going well.
And so I wait for it to crash.
I seem to have enough time for everything, and most everyone
At least in passing
I should be struggling for direction
But perhaps this is alright too
Am I drifting?
Intentionality is the answer

Share your dreams
Else they may die


  1. Loving your poetry and thoughts Sara!

    I wanted to tell you, your picture on here gave me a huge flashback! When we lived in NJ we had a VW vanagon JUST like the one in your picture, same color and make. That even looks like the neighborhood we lived in. That was such a fun van to drive....and everyone else with a VW van, no matter what year or make, always waved or flashed a peace sign to us as we was like being in a secret club. So fun....we toted our kids around the country in it too.

    Can I steal it to make a post about it on my blog?

  2. I love your van pic. We have the coolest VW hippie van in our neighborhood. I must take a pic of that. It's green and white and looks older than that one.

    Happiness is sometimes the most terrifying thing, because you keep expecting to come crashing down.

  3. how poetic. lovely.



And out of the void a voice came.