Thursday, November 18, 2010

Written in July

Months ago I was visiting my sister in another state. I met some really cool people while I was there, and most likely I won't see any of them again. I wrote this after a really cool experience, but never posted it. So here it is now.

One Sunday while I was visiting, we were at church, my sister goes to a pretty big church, you know one with a main floor and a big balcony type second story to fit more people. And this awesome worship song was on, I had never heard it before. Although now I've heard it and sung it many times:

"Our God is greater
 Our God is stronger
 God you are Higher than any other
 Our God is Healer
 Awesome in Power
 Our God
 Our God"
- Chris Tomlin, Our God

For the first time I got a glimpse of Heaven. Every christian I have ever met will be there, even the ones I only knew for a few minutes or days. And we will be really worshiping. Truly truly. Full of God's love for him and for each other.

I know there are negative thoughts that can branch off of that. And questions and details. And perhaps it is a little disconnected for your topic. But it is the story that came to mind with this post. There is so much soft, powerful, joy in this memory for me. I hope it comes across at least a little.

Think about it in terms of you, all the people you love terribly, and your best worship memory. Blend it together with whatever strongest sense of God's presence you can think of. That was my taste of heaven.

Which maybe makes it a little more okay to say goodbye sometimes.


  1. For me it's hard because I worry about all the people that won't be there, and I worry that I'll never find what I need to get there.

  2. What about the non-Christians?

    'Twas an interesting post, really, but I refuse to acknowledge that any God would ever keep people from heaven against their will. If Christians are the only ones there, I refuse to be taken there.

  3. It's not really 'Christians' per se. It's those who choose to follow Christ. And that's what the term 'Christian' means. But it's not what all 'Christians' are. It's less of a cult, more of a people who choose to go to heaven. And there's lies that the devils likes to have floating around, screwing people up. I definitely don't know how GOD works and I'll never understand for He is infinite and I am created but He chooses and we choose. We have to pursue Him if He pursues us or else we're just robots doing His will. It's our choice from our perspective, His choice from the divine perspective. That's kinda more than I thought I'd write... sorry. Really awesome post =) Really encouraging. I saw a video of Aaron Gillespie doing this song. Can't wait till his worship album comes out. He's a really awesome guy, so inspirational and honest. I feel kinda lame saying this but him doing that song really spoke to my heart. So thanks =) Jesus loves you!


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