Thursday, October 25, 2012

Late Night for a Middle Bird

Today I learned...

The most used form of contraception in America is women getting their tubes tied.

7 pages is enough.

Not getting frustrated is hard.

What Gangnam style is.

      That there is no time to be bored because.... (fill in the blank)

Screaming can be good, and cause bonding.

Thinking about creating community gets me crazy excited.

That I can't have it all.

The world was so different when she was born.
There are no words for my feelings. 
A deep ache of anticipated loss. 
And mourning for what has already perished. 
I can't think too long on all the disconnected threads,
I fade.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Sara,

    I understand so many of the things you've learned lately. Especially what Gangam style is :P
    Community building is such a vital part of being alive, the ability to connect with other humans etc.

    My favorite part is the picture and the words beneath. Lately I've come face to face with fragility of life and it's scary and beautiful.
    The need to enjoy the people we have in our lives for such short bits of time is so evident to me.

    Happy first day of November. Are you doing NaNo this year?



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