Thursday, January 24, 2013

Found Art

Goodwill is a kind of art museum. People make beautiful things, and leave them.
 I frequent goodwill these days, and always look through the picture frames and art.
Last time we actually bought a handmade beauty. Less than $5. A find, but almost a tragedy.
(said find is not pictured here, will post soon)

These two are very badly pictured, as I only had my phone with me. I almost took them home, mostly because I like the gold one "Evening Shadow Serenade. The coin in the triangle on the green one is a church choir pin. I love the randomness, and the chunky paint. 

Mr. Panda is not from goodwill. He is on a wall, of a building that teaches art classes. I think him very distinguished. He either plas jazz or is in the mafia. The panda mafia. They are very tricksy you know.


  1. Love the panda =) and goodwill. and all thrifts stores =P

    1. It is good to have you around again. Writing and such. Thanks for reading. :)


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