Friday, March 1, 2013


I bought a wonderful pen. A pitt artist pen. Size s.
I killed it, by pushing too hard I think.
But before then I made wonderful doodles.
Only the coffee one is with the afore mentioned pen. The blue doodles are with a G2.

This is because I get coffe after my most exhausting class. 

I'm really enjoying doodle journaling this year. I started a blank page journal in december. Above is my notes from church around new year. 

This one is from just the other week. You are reading my journal haha, :)

This is a poem I wrote a month ago (but I edited now):

I write my self down
to read again later

every second my self is forgotten
every second I am reborn in new experience

Moment to moment I change
Day to day I am different

My self remains,

Though I don't know what 'me' is


  1. My favorite is the first for obvious reasons, but I'm also really in love with the
    get out of the boat" one. I think that's a great life reminder.
    Keeping up with every version of yourself seems impossible, doesn't it?

  2. I doodle more on my arms so... not much of a lasting record of me =P but i really liked the heart one. I wonder if there will be a time when the updates on 'me' will cease to be much different from the last. Probly when i'm old and can no longer keep up with life. hope i'll have someone to drift with. and then of course there's heaven =)


And out of the void a voice came.