Monday, February 16, 2009

3 things about my day? got 'um

Well, lets see. What have I got for you all today. I guess just thoughts on blogs. Would we write differently on here if we knew exactly who was watching? Like if I knew for certain that someone in my family would find this one day would I change what I am typing now (the answer is yes, because originally I was typing something else haha)? Just a thought, because sometimes I sit down to type something to post online, and it is just me and my computer, and I go into journaling mode, and have to remember people will read this. and it should be aimed at them.

I feel random so I am going to allow a topic switch, if this bothers you it will probably happen again in this post and in the course of this blog, so be prepared.
Today I am Thankful for:
+planes (all types, paper, full scale people holding fly in the air type, the kind in math, etc.)
+the ability to rock back and forth and side to side

I just flipped open my bible and this is the verse I found, I pray it helps somebody out there, or you needed to hear it.
Isaiah 30:1 "woe to obstinate children," declares the Lord, "to those who carry out plans that are not mine, forming an alliance but not by my spirit, heaping on sin upon sin;
Usually when I am looking up random verses it is because I want to share one with someone. and I always avoid the negative verses. that is what I was thinking about as I typed that up. Do we avoid the side of God that says "No" and admonishes us? I think most definitely we do. Just thoughts, I hope God grows them in your head and in mine, and we can make some sense out of then, but for now I'm off to bed, or rather the idea of getting ready for bed.
:) goodnight!

Hey! I just did my planned bible reading for today (going through Hebrews right now) and the first bit totally matched thoughts on Isiah above! So if you're interested, Hebrews 12:1-14! Anyways, really going to bed now. :)


  1. LOL HAHAHAHAHAHEHEHEHAHAHAHEHE SARA MY DEAR YOU ARE ONE FUNNY KID!!!!!!! YOU TOTALY POSTED A COMMENT FROM ME BECAUSE I KNOW I DIDN'T DO THAT. I just love you so much my God reveal himself to u everyday and let us not avoid God when he tells us something we do not want to hear. love ya buddy

  2. hey. thanks for praying. i just am loosing some good relationships with some of my friends. and i love them. So its hard to see them go..


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