Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Be Passionate!

Ok, in the catholic tradition today marks the beginning of lent (the forty days leading up to Easter) and usually people give up things like sweets for lent, or types of food, and it's kind of like new years resolutions sometimes it doesn't work out. You're supposed to give up or take up something that will improve you.
Recently God has really been putting passion for him on my heart. So for lent this year I’m going to make it an awesome me and God time. I'm telling you all this in case you'd like to do something between now and Easter too. Making more time for you and God, doing crazy God things, I’m really excited!!
WooHoo God!!!! This is going to be so cool, relationship building with the coolest guy ever! Yay!

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  1. that's a really good idea!!! Idk if I'm going to do anything I'll have to pray on it and see what God thinks and want me to do. And he is the coolest guy ever!!!! :)


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