Wednesday, April 29, 2009

-sigh of happiness-

The world is so huge and big and it is very amazing when I rediscover that there is life beyond my circle of friends and that there is more to life than my city. Why yes i was going through people's blogs today, and discovering new ones, however did you know :) . But really i am filled with amazement and love right now, because GOD IS AWESOME. This may or may not be my general response to all happiness. :) but it is very encouraging that people in other places have the same issues, listen to the same songs, and love God as well. :) so thank you all for being an encouragement to me, though you don't know who i am and may never find me. there is a serrious thought behind this... slightly hard to distinguish i realise, but hopefully you got it.

* I wrote this yesterday.

1 comment:

  1. lol Sara I love how God does that!!! He can use any little tincy thing and use it to encourage us. God is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!


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