Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Pensieve For You

Alright! I have some thoughts to share! Aren't you excited?
Today I went to Costco and printed some pictures and when I was at the counter to pick them up there was this guy, and we talked a little, and it turned out he was a Christian and he old me how he got saved, and he was a really awesome sweet guy, and we were all see you in heaven! And it was sweet. Then I was in line to get my Costco combo pizza and there was this guy telling me how I needed to get a tazer for self defense, and how much tazers cost, and how he carries a metal stick in his car etc. It was just a crazy side by side of these two characters. I haven't made and definite conclusions based on the side by side, but if you have any comments on it, well that's why I posted! One sweet man secure in Jesus, one aggressive, probably out of self defensiveness. Maybe hat is my conclusion, man 1 doesn’t have to watch his back because Jesus is, and the other is eaten up by having to watch his own... Just thoughts.


  1. Yeah, I only know chords :P No notes. Something that a speaker talked about at a chapel at school either this or last year, was to pray for two people who you meet or see that they will be saved. I think it's a great idea and usually do it when I'm out, or at least when I'm on public transportation. So I'll be praying for that guy. Hope he finds Christ and becomes a very secure and happy person :) Jesus loves you!

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  3. :P ha that's funny :) I was advised to read one chapter a day and write down stuff about friend trait. Like what to look for in a friend and how to be a better friend. As the summers coming up I'll probably be able to meet lots of new people while I'm traveling. I just seem to have problems with being a good friend or something or I might just not be a very lovable person. But I know that I'm loved by GOD and that alone matters. I just pray that I'll be able to accept that and remember it when it gets hard and I lose sight of the only Friend who'll be there forever to love and care for m. :) That's AWESOME! Jesus loves you! (a few times my comment has been about GOD's love or had His love in it. :D Pretty cool. Though it's not a thing to take lightly. There is so much meaning in the words Jesus loves you! because He's died for us and loved us unconditionally even though we are the furthest people who deserve it. It's so awesome!) Jesus loves you! :D

  4. Wow, like major coincidence! Hope it helps you gain more wisdom :P And remember, don't give into the woman who calls with sugar on her lips and the haters of wisdom are the lovers of death :) that's pretty much all there is at least in the first 8 chapters, not too much on friends. I think that it's good that I'm doing this again because I wasn't taking notes or paying much attention the last time I did the Proverbs study. Anyways, happy learning :) Jesus loves you!


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