Monday, July 20, 2009

A summer Blog

All right. I haven't been on in so long, perhaps I've forgotten how to blog. haha :). Well, I've been busy, camp, back yard bible club, VBS, and this week basketball camp which I'm helping run so lots of stuff to do, i love it. yay! hmmm, I'm unsure what else to write. I'll never catch up on all your blogs, so I'm sorry for that, I'll probably be off again for a while, but maybe not. I love all this kids stuff, though I'm not as good with them as the majority of my friends, i just don't have as much experience. ah well, hat is what my life consists of, as the end of summer and of my life in youth draws closer,  very sad. No more thoughts on that yet.


  1. Cute little mango!
    Glad your having a super summer!

  2. I've only helped out at a VBS. I'm another one of those people who don't have much experience with kids. You're not alone! I was only signed up for Mon, Wed, and Fri but I went Tuesday as well because I loved it so much. I would have gone on Thurs too but I had a friend coming over so I couldn't. Enjoy the rest of your summer (and don't waste it! :) Jesus loves you!


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