Friday, September 18, 2009

Then gather regert for the things that I can't change now.

    The title is a line from the title track of Relient K's upcoming CD, forget and not slow down. However the point behind it that i mean to address is that we can't hound ourselves about things we cannot change, but neither should we hold back in such a way as to create regrets. I must admit these thoughts come from watching a movie where the man character holds back so much he never expresses his true feelings. He ruins his own happiness and that of one of his friends. It makes me rather frustrated, so that is what i share with you. Not my frustration, but the reminder that we should not hold back everything. There are times to hold back, and for very good reason. But there are also times when holding back is simply an awful thing to do.

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  1. Hey, thanks for commenting =) Yeah, that makes sense. I did sort of mean my life's purpose but what you said can be my life's purpose as well. Bleh, I can't talk right now. But yeah, sticking close to GOD is what I want to do so it makes sense that that would be my purpose as well. I haven't read Green yet but I want to so bad! as well as the last two books of the Chosen series. Is it good? I was kinda confused about your post above. Were you saying that there are times when we should keep things from people or stay away from them or... Am I making sense? I must be really tired. Jesus loves you! =)


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