Friday, June 11, 2010

Sometimes We Stand Alone

Today was just a standard day. But in the middle were little bits of magic. The laughter of a one year old, a lizard sighting, and missing people I love.


  1. :) I know what you mean.
    Also, I have a question. Did you actually cut up a whole orange for the pic in the header? (i suppose it's fine as long as you ate it afterwards.
    Or fed it to the cats...

  2. I did cut up an orange for that picture. :) Originally I was only going to use the peel, but there wasn't enough, or I made the letters too big. haha, I took a bunch of other pictures while I was peeling it, and some had fun playing with the pieces and making pictures.

  3. Hey there! I just found your blog. Nice place you got here. :)


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