Thursday, January 6, 2011

A few months Post, no Haste

Well. Apologies for leaving. But that is why I will never have an A list blog, I'm not 100% committed, I haven't had much to say,
'twas busy with school, and then, well, then I had nothing to say.

But I feel like I should say something now. 

Once there was a girl, she lived in a castle. She had everything she ever dreamed of, because she was loved. When she grew a bit older the castle crumbled, and she grew up in the gap between her old world and one with far less to offer, and far fewer resources. She was cut off from most of the people that loved her, some fought for her, some loved from a distance.

She learned to keep everything to herself. She didn't understand what needed to be shared and why. But she still didn't lack for the important things, even if the rent was always late.

And eventually this girl became a young woman, and she was able to see more than the walls and crumbs around her. She still didn't know how to handle every situation, but she could see more clearly.
She left her little world, but really she only joined in a second one. Doubling her portion. 

This time she was the one building the world, striving to remember that was what she was doing. 
Life is such an important thing, often she was scared of living it. But that is the worst way to do it wrong. 

So she tries.

True story. Do with it what you will. Its not much. Completely unedited. 


  1. Love is the most important nutrient for a growing girl. I am sorry the girl in the story was so deprived. But wow, she doesn't seem like it held her back now. She seems like a freed bird and rich beyond compare.

    Loved the story.

  2. :) Thanks Mrs. Christie. The picture is of strangers, I liked the way the mom in the hat was dressed, so I clicked. Public place for the purpose of art. So it's all cool to my understanding. :)

  3. It is cool. It also could be a young mom seeing a family that reminded her of the past. That is what I saw. ;)

  4. I like yours!! I totally see it :)


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