Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What's your summer like?

I'm relaxing in a hammock. with a blanket for the wind.
Painted my nails this morning, and they're already a little dented.
Dog cruled up nicely on the grass next to me.
Looking up at the sunlight through the leaves, but perfectly shaded.
Pandora is playing.

This is one facet of a perfect summer day.

I feel like I could fade into the wind.
Not even my sunburn could keep me tethered.
Why did we build indoors?
How do we get stuck there?
Its not where we belong.

Well. Maybe if its raining.


  1. Hammock? Jealous.

    Pandora? Double jealous.

    Painting nails? Double DOG jealous.

  2. What? Rain is when I wanna be out =D if only it would. things are getting too dry here, too hard. Growth becomes hard and the breeze only comes after much prayer. But the sun still shines and time hasn't yet passed me by though it's slipping away. oh well, forward motion is good =) Jesus loves you!


And out of the void a voice came.