Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some Thoughts of the Day

I am somewhat of a sarcastic person.
It is a defense mechanism.
Pushes concepts and people further away.

Whenever death  is brought up, if it is applicable, I'll say
"I'm dying, we all are. Dying of life"
It is suposed to stir thoughts I suppose, but all it is is a trick to avoid the thoughts it stirs.

I like to believe I am Jaded towards death.
To pretend I can look in to its cold (or perhaps warm) eyes fearless
And I do work at being level about it,
however sometimes i wonder if it is just the cardboard replica I am unafraid of.

Things only have the power we give them over us, but that doesn't lessen the consequences.

Thinking about this due to the afore mentioned Wonderful Book.


  1. Two cents to add:

    To think of death... I think it's like trying to think past a shadow. You can't. It's a doorway--to a new adventure when this one is completed--that's locked until the time has sprung.
    A delicate balance of time treads on a single blade.
    And yet, the Lion of Judah, he is not weighed down by no measure of time.

    Time does not bound it's maker.

  2. ...Ack! sorry, ment to write:
    "Time does not bind its maker"


  3. Memento mori. Remember death.
    I always think about it, and yet don't think enough. Sarcasm is such an easy defense against it too, that it's often hard not to facilitate.
    One thing that really struck me in the Bible (and I've been struggling with religion lately) is something to the effect of "oh death where is your sting?".


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