Monday, May 21, 2012

Love Outdoors

The clouds came home yesterday.
Today the rain is back.
I forgot the sun wasn't going to stay.

However, my spirits are not dampened.
I planted sunflowers.


I found these flowers yesterday. hundreds of them. growing wild in a random chunk of land amidst a neighborhood.
It used to be someone's house and property. Now it is a wildlife area and future playground.

I love the lonely undevelopedness of it. Listening to the water and the birds. Looking at the tall grass highlighted with yellow.

I want to spend more of my summer out there.
In the lonely places in the city. The empty, quiet, weed filled places.
Whether it be that field, or the huge park by my house, or the other lonely places hidden around.

The rain does put a pause on this desire, but I have books and house plants to fill the void until the clouds take another vacation. Or even just until the rain runs out and the clouds have to go buy more water.

I can feel God out there.
I've missed that.

1 comment:

  1. The flowers are beautiful.

    There is a peace that only silence and space can bring. I miss feeling God.


And out of the void a voice came.