Friday, November 16, 2012


I'm growing my hair out.

Not that it isn't already long.
Because it is.

But I have been itching to cut it short.
And debating about whether to go short or super long.

I always have this debate.
So I have decided I'll grow it out till spring.

Haircuts can be such meaningful emotional things. When I feel a new season, or just a need for change;

I cut my hair, or add bangs.

So much is tied to hair for girls, or at least for many girls.

The bible says it is "our glory"

But often it feels more like a wrestling partner.

So here's to loving my hair.

Any hair struggles or horror stories? Let me know in the comments.


  1. That was a funny moment for me when I announced to myself that I was growing my hair out, and my head said "wait a sec, you have long hair already".

    Hair is incredibly emotional, it's sort of like a song, it ties you to a moment, a relationship, a phase in your life.

  2. PS love the title and the header.

  3. An old friend asked me once, "Do you realize how much you talk about your hair? You complain about it every time I see you. It.Looks.FINE. In fact, it never looks any different than the other times I've ever seen you."


    And so ended my daily obsession about how long, short, bangy or curly it was.... It was very freeing.

    But I do understand the emotions tied to hair. Just don't spend too much energy on it. It always looks nice! ;)


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