Monday, May 4, 2009

A question for yall.

I'm having a rough time trying to love someone. I'd rather just ignore their existence most of the time. But I know that is not what God wants. So I'm sure most of you have experienced something similar, so do you have any tips?


  1. I'm going through the same experience only I like her a lot. I know that that's kinda hard to imagine, loving someone but hating them at the same time... :P Anyways, I'm still learning how to act and show GOD's love even if my own is rejected. I've tried to do my best to love on my own so I guess all I can say is to let GOD help you love. I will be happy to read any responses as well. :) Love ya in Christ! As an afterthought, I really love how we can connect to any follower of Jesus when we meet them. I just wanna spread some love!

  2. wow i definitely know how that is. i just try to keep in mind that im supposed to love that person, because God created them and he loves them SO much and they are so special. sometimes i definitely don't love them, but remembering that helps because i want to become more Christ-Like in everything. Hope this helps...


  3. Fish: haha i'm with you on that one! and thanks for the point to God, because it is always the answer, we try to over complicate things.

    Jess: that is very helpful too, it reminds of something that was in my devo a while back, "Perfect in Christ" whenever you have any sort of issue with someone, like someone makes you mad, or you are starting to judge, saythat to yourself about them. it really does help, because you can't argue with that.


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