Tuesday, May 26, 2009

's goin' on (sgoinon!)

Well I probably won't post much now that it's summer, but I'll get on and comment and post when i can. Since I'm on today I thought I'd leave a quick thought for y'all, Lately God has really been showing love to me. He's been showing me my love (from him) towards people in my life, and complete strangers. And also he's been showing me how loved i am, and it's amazing. love truly is the best thing, it's gotten me happy tear-ie in the last few days, and I'm not a very tear-ie person, at least I try to not be one, so that is kind of intense. Well, I'm off! Thanks for reading. :)

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  1. For the poll, I'd say no school but then, it occupies me though it can get so annoying. Also swimming, but since I'm on the swim team, I get to do that a lot anyway :P so I went with having free time. The warmth is nice, but it can get a bit too much here. I think that GOD has been telling me to share His love for me with others using kind and helpful actions. It's challenging but I can't wait till I learn to do it with perfection. :) Oh, and I don't know too much Latin or whatever (I wish I did) so could you translate? Jesus loves you! :)


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