Friday, May 29, 2009

Yay for a new look, etc.

Ah the joys of redecoration. Random summer days spent online and trying to throw marshmallows into one's mouth, while at a friend's house. -sigh- happy summer humdrum days.
I've been at my friend Tay's house for the past two days pretty much, just lazin' around. Taking this gift of life for granted as usual. Life feels pretty blah, like the waiting period before -hopefully- something awesome. Writing that gets me excited, maybe this is the calm before the storm, in cliche speak. I'm ready to get moving, but I know I'll long for down time later, maybe not.
Before I know it I'll be in a whole new place. Waiting here is rough, but I'll try to appreciate where I am and make the most of each day. Wow I'm counseling myself. I'll thake it that's the end of this blog then...
Catch ya later! :)


  1. Sara ur so cute!!!I know what u mean tho. lol love u bunches!!! :)

  2. Summer's allot of fun when you have nothing to do, but also kinda boring :P I still have school though :( I get out in a couple weeks though :) I meant when you commented on my blog... the latin thing. I'm guessing it means 'my friend in Christ'? Jesus loves you! :)

  3. oh, love the new background :)


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