Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Today I write in my web-log things to share with anyone reading.
I have recently discovered two really awesome guys who make comedic web videos, and music. Their names are Rhett and Link, and here are two of my favorite videos, one of them is from jelly telly, which is a kid's thing from the veggie tales people.

It was really hard to pick that second video, they have a grand selection of good videos, Check them out on youtube, or they have most all their videos on their site, which you'll notice I have to in my sidebar for your convenience :)

My second recomendation for you is Relient K's new CD, Forget and Not Slow Down. It is a very good album. It is cohesive and pure ear delight. There is an album review HERE and you can find at least some of the songs on youtube if you want to listen.

Well now that I have bombarded you with my preferences, feel free to suggest back, or let me know what you think. I hope you enjoy!

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  1. That was so sweet of you to tell me that! I still am not exactly 100% how what I did was a meme, but it helps knowing it wasn't made up.

    I pre-bought Relient k's CD a month ago, with a tee shirt and signed band poster and everything, but it still hasn't come in yet. They said they shipped it though... I'm so excited about it!!
    I've loved Relient k for a long long time.



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