Saturday, October 17, 2009

Thoughts Escape as Typists

I have lost the battle to keep my thoughts imprisioned. They have fought victoriously and won my fingers.
Now the battle amoung thoughts ensues, which amoung them will manage to share themselves?
Thoughts are what separate humans from animals. We can contempalte and question. It is a beautiful gift.
And we share these gifts with each other,
resulting in the sharing of ourselves.
As necesairy as food and water.
So we need to watch what we let live in our heads, because thoughts travel.
And they make up our world.

1 comment:

  1. Profound thoughtfulness :P Unfortunately we can cheat and lie through what we share, which essentially means that we can cheat ourselves as well through our thoughts. It is indeed a beautiful gift, but at the same time a terrible burden to keep clean. But I guess the giving of our thoughts influenced by a just motivation is a wonderful gift, but usually only if received well. But I would still rather write and share than keep everything to myself. To me, interaction is at the same level as oxygen, food, water and music :P They all help keep me alive. Thanks for letting me think. Jesus loves you! =)


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